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Bladder Training:

Improving Urinary Incontinence Without Surgery

The goal of bladder training is to help you gain control of your bladder problems. Your problem may be manifested by frequency and urgency, or loss of urine associated with a strong desire to void. The process of bladder training increases the amount of time between each urination. This is simple at first but as sessions lengthen, will require some practice on your part.

Bladder training begins by voiding at specified times, so that a pattern develops. Once a pattern is established, the time interval between voids is increased. To be successful, you should try to not urinate more frequently than the prescribed time, even if it means risking urine loss. Initially you may have a few accidents, but persist with your schedule. Despite urine loss when voiding schedules are changed, do NOT go back to voiding more frequently but persist with your new schedule. This will break the cycle of your bladder running your life, and give you back control.

Getting Started

Begin by trying to wait_____hour(s) between urinating. You should, however, empty your bladder at the end of this time interval, even if you feel you could wait longer. Once you have been successful with this time interval for 3 days, you may increase the time between urinations by 30 minutes. If you then again manage 3 consecutive dry days, you lengthen the time between voids by 30 more minutes, and so on, until you reach 4 hours between voids.

Keep a urinary log by recording the time and amount of each urination. This will help you see how well you are doing in the training of your bladder. Bring this log with you on your next visit. If you have any accidents, be certain to also record the time of day and reason for each accident.

Empty your bladder immediately before going to sleep as this will allow you longer uninterrupted sleep. Schedules are not followed at night or during sleeping hours.

Breathing Relaxation Technique

If you get the urge to void before your schedule time, use the breathing relaxation technique. This involves taking three, slow, deep breaths in and out through your mouth until the urge sensation fades away: Through the mouth, breathe in slowly, deeply, exhale. Do this three times. Rest, then repeat three more times. Repeat until the urge sensation passes.

Bladder Training Works!

Studies report an 80-90% improvement within 6 weeks and resolution of symptoms in 4 - 6 months. However, this does require an active role on your part. Remember. Be honest with yourself and try not to cheat!

Success depends on your motivation; be motivated!

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